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“The making of baskets is not only the earliest of the hand-crafts but may well be the last to resist the machine.” 

– Dorothy Wright, The Complete Book of Baskets and Basketry

I am an invasive plants basket weaver. Basket weaving is an expression of human ingenuity through time. First and foremost, the basket must be a functional container. To me, functionality is beautiful. Everything else is embellishment. My styles are unique in that I use invasive species as my weaving materials. I use invasive species as a way of changing my relationship with these plants. There are other benefits to using invasive species in that they are free, people allow you to harvest them, and perhaps most importantly, it helps to restore native habitat. I weave to keep traditions alive. I weave to connect with my ancestors. I weave to appease my spirit through my hands. I weave to connect to nature. I weave to make gifts for the divine and for friends and family. I weave because it makes my heart sing.


Invasive Basket Gallery

These are some past projects of mine. 

Basketry Classes

Want to learn how to harvest, process, and weave an invasive plants basket? These are the current classes that I am teaching. Want to have me come out and teach your family, youth group, or organization? This is the page to visit. 


Other Baskets

These are other baskets I have woven that are not invasive species. 

Baskets for Sale

Sometimes I sell baskets. I'm currently working on building this part of my website. Please stay tuned. 

My Blog

Sometimes I write about weaving. Check out my current thoughts on the matter.