About Me

Hi there. My name is Peter Michael Bauer and I'm in love with weaving baskets. The first merit badge I attained in the Boy Scouts was Basketry. I was eleven years old. That was in 1993. I didn’t weave many baskets after that until years later when I began to focus more on earth skills. For whatever reason, basketry has been a focal point for me. I love the meditative mindset that it demands, but also inspires. Your mind must shut down and let your hands do the work. Invasive plants have been my main source of materials as they are free, people want to get rid of them, and getting rid of them helps restore native habitats. I work mostly with English Ivy and Himalayan blackberry, but have been branching out to experiment with Yellow Flag Iris, Clematis, Scotch Broom, Morning Glory, English Holly, and more. Aside from basket weaving, I am also a catalyst of "rewilding" and keep a blog on the subject. 

I draw on the inspiration from the story of the material, the invasive plants. I also draw inspiration from my teachers. My notable teachers and weavers that I get inspiration from are Margaret Mathewson, Donna Sakamoto Crispin, TJ Harrison, Katherine Lewis, Sharon Kallis, Rebecca Graham, and Matt Tommey. There are so many more. 

I am a member of the Board of Directors of the Columbia Basin Basketry Guild and a member of the National Basketry Organization