English Ivy Basket Class at Portland Plant Medicine Gathering



This last weekend was the 7th annual Portland Plant Medicine Gathering. It's a wonderful conference of herbalists and plant enthusiasts. So much knowledge, inspiration, and community there. It's my third year teaching, and while most of the classes are related to herbal medicine, my class is a weaving class. There is more to plant medicine than simply taking the part of the plant into our bodies. Plant medicine can even be just the way you relate and co-create with plants as well. Nature is a great medicine, and so is working with the hands. The meditative state that it creates is soothing and releases stress, which calms inflammation, which leads to better health. This year I taught a simple coiled basket. The pictures here were taken by one of the students, and this is a student basket. If you have never been to the gathering before, I recommend putting it on your radar for next year. Follow along from their website:

Portland Plant Medicine Gathering