Getting Roped In

english ivy basket collaboration

I recently had the pleasure of collaboring with Sharon Kallis, a friend and inspiration of mine who also weaves with invasive species. She called me and asked if I would like to collaborate on a project for the Multi-species Salon and Emergent Ecologies project. I checked it out and told her I would love to. For the next several weeks we would skype and weave and brainstorm the meaning and form our project would take. In the end, we call it the "Migration Pack." Together we created the concept, Sharon grew, harvested, processed, wove, spun, and dyed all of the fiber elements and the cordage, then I harvested the basket materials and wove them together and assembled the piece. Sarah Hill is our model. The Migration Pack is on display starting next week at the Opening Reception - Emergent Ecologies - Art Exhibit at Princeton University in New Jersey. If you live nearby go check out the show!

English Ivy Basket with Western Red Cedar Bark